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10/09/2021 09:10

Precautions needed in aluminum cnc machining

With the advent of Industry 2.0 era, China's manufacturing industry has generally grown, and the requirements for processing manufacturing industry have become higher. Take the aluminum parts processing manufacturing industry, aluminum alloy cnc processing precision is more demanding. However, this is also the development trend of the times, aluminum parts are widely used with high precision instruments, is also evident. The following Huachenxin editorial for you to chatter about aluminum alloy cnc machining needs to pay attention to.


1 . The speed of white steel knife can not be too fast.


3 . When the workpiece is too high, please use a different grade length of the knife to thicken.


4 . After coarsening with the roughing knife, remove the excess part with the knife and make sure the excess part before sharpening the knife.


5 . Use a flat bottom edge for flat surfaces, not a ball edge, to reduce machining time.


7 . The four corners of the surface of the calibration table must be flat.


8 . Tilt for the whole number, using tilt knife processing, such as the tube position.


9 . Before carrying out each work, want to clarify the amount left after processing the previous work, avoid empty tool and excess processing.


10 . Try to take the easy way. For example, shape, digging trench, avoid single-sided, lap, etc.


11 . If you can go FINISH, do not go ROUGH when you go WCUT.


12. The occasion of shape wcut, first make the light coarse, then bare, the occasion of the workpiece is too high, first shine the light, then shine the light.


13 . Set the tolerance reasonably, so that the machining accuracy and computer calculation time balance. When open too, the tolerance is set to 1/5 of the leftover, and when bare tool, the tolerance is set to 0.01.


14 . Add more engineering to reduce empty tool time. Think more and reduce the chance of mistakes. Slightly increase the auxiliary surface of the auxiliary line to improve the machining condition.


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